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2015 Club Events

2015 Children's Fish Rodeo
May 16, 2015

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2015  Children's Fishing Rodeo

MAY 16, 2015
Registration Starts at 8 am
Fishing Starts at 9 am
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2015  Coyote and Fox Hunt Information

Thank you to all of the participants and helpers for this year's successful hunt!


Tom Zaremba, 38.0 lb., female
J R Pothering, 36.3 lb., female
Roger Kleckner, 34.3 lb., female
Bill Babcock, 34.l lb., female
Robert Cragle, 32.0 lb., male
Ryan Balliet, 31.1 lb., female

Total coyote hunters:  81
Total Coyotes Brought In:  6

Deena DeTurek, 14.3 lb., red male
Steve Yost, 13.8 lb., red male
Jared Shaffer, 13.1 lb., red male, & 12.1 lb., red female, & 11.l lb., red female;
Brian Spotts, 10.5 lb., red male
Chris Yorski, l0.1 lb., red female & 9.0 lb., red female
Roger Kleckner, 9.1 lb., gray female & 11.3 lb., red male
Tom Strause, 10.1 lb., red (sex unknown)
Larry Loch, 11.1 lb., red female
Karl Kuntz, 12.1lb., red male
Ryan Balliet, 9.5 lb., red female
Casey Miller, 11.2 lb., red female
Addison Meitzler, 10.2 lb., red female
Anthony Foscone Sr., 11.1 lb., red male & 9.1 lb., red female
Keith Hetrick, 9.1 lb., red female & 10.1 lb., red male
Jared Doran, 10.3lb., red female
Kyle Rehatchek, 12.0 lb., red female
Bill Babcock, 10.9 lb., gray female

Total fox hunters:  71
Total fox brought in:  23